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Conditions of Entry

1.    Only wines produced from grapes grown in cool climates are acceptable.  A cool climate is one which experience on average, less than 1600 day degrees during the growing season.  Any other wine may be entered if evidence can be provided that the vineyard experiences the above criteria. The Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Inc. Committee will reserve the right to exclude wines which come from a region that does not meet these criteria.  The committee will not refund monies or return wines which do not meet the criteria set out in the Conditions of Entry.

2.    All exhibits must :

a.    Be wholly made in Australia, using only Australian sourced grapes
b.    Conform to respective acts and amendments of the states and Commonwealth of Australia which govern the production of Australian wine
c.    Contain not less than 85% of the specified variety in all single varietal classes.

3.    Regardless of the number of commercial labels under which it is released, a wine shall only be entered once.

4.    An exhibitor may enter any number of wines in any one class and receive more than one award in that class.

5.    Each entry to consist of six x 750ml bottles (or equivalent) for table wine and three x 750ml bottles (or equivalent) for fortified wines.

6.    All entries must be made on the ShowRunner application for the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show and must be received by the due date.  Each entry attracts a fee of $35.00 (incl GST) which must be paid at the time of entry and paid via ShowRunner. 

7.    All entries to be commercially bottled (not necessarily labelled or released) and to bear labels supplied by the Australian Cool Climate Wineshow   Inc. showing:

a.    the class entered
b.    the year of vintage
c.    the exhibitors identifying code
d.    the exhibit’s bar code.

8.    All exhibits become and remain the property of the Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Inc.

9.    Judging will be by a panel of three or more judges who will judge all wines independently.  Judges will at all times be screened from the exhibits. The senior judge will tally the score and after consultation, arrive at the final assessment of the wine. Contested trophies are decided by a ballot of all judges.  There will be re-pours for corked wines.

10.    All wines will be judged out of a maximum of 60 points

Gold Award    -    55.5 and over
Silver Award    -    51 – 55.4
Bronze Award    -    46.5 – 50

11.    All exhibitors must abide by the rules and regulations of the Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Inc.  The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry, to verify the origin and quantity held and to change entries to a more appropriate class.

12.    Exhibitors agree to adhere to the Winemakers Federation of Australia Code of Practice for the Display of Awards, (see   Any exhibitor breaking this or any regulation may be disqualified from this and any future show or shows.

13.    All exhibitors will receive their individual point scores by email.  The committee will not release or publish scores and the catalogue of results will publish only Awards. Trophies will be awarded at the presentation function.

14.    Audit Procedures
Please note that the stock as stated on the entry form may be inspected and checked by a representative of the Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Inc or its nominee.

15.    The Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Inc accepts no responsibility for samples sent to any other address than those below.  Australia Post and Courier labels will be forwarded with sample labels.


ONLY exhibits sent by Australia Post are to be addressed to:
Australian Cool Climate Wineshow  Inc 
C/- Canberra PUD
25 Mildura Street, FYSHWICK   ACT    2609
COURIER deliveries to be consigned to:
Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Inc
c/- Murrumbateman Rural Supplies
12 Hercules Street,

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